Green Art TABLE

Green Art TABLE

  • According to the customers’ specifications and preferences
  • Colour combinations
  • Various structures and wood species
  • Originality
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  • Green ART is used as an accessory or independent unit in a room:

    • ceiling;
    • wall;
    • acoustic wall;
    • divider;
    • decoration;
    • independent unit on a wall;
    • combination with the interior.

    Any form or size is available on request. The products have a natural look that enlivens your room and well-being. The combinations of products are available in standard shapes and according to your specific wishes. Products with wooden parts are protected by natural surfactants, such as oils and beeswax. Due to the materials used, the products are classified as bio products / environmentally friendly products.

  • Our products are maintenance-free and do not need any light or water to survive. After some time, lichens dry out. If you sprinkle them with water, they will soften, produce a pleasant scent and improve the humidity in your room.
  • Our products are available in 16 different colours, enabling you to create your own colour combination. Advantages: a natural look, the best natural acoustic solution, lifetime warranty when used correctly (without touching).